Celebrity Rap Sheet Quiz: Who Was Charged With What?

Match the celebrity with the crime he/she was charged with:

The Celebrities

1. Akon
George Carlin
2. George Carlin
3. DMX
Carmen Electra
4. Carmen Electra
Mel Gibson
5. Mel Gibson
Hugh Grant
6. Hugh Grant
7. Jay-Z
Larry King
8. Larry King
Shia LaBeouf
9. Shia LaBeouf
Brock Lesnar
10.  Brock Lesnar
Lisa Left Eye Lopes
11. Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes
Rush Limbaugh
12. Rush Limbaugh
Heather Locklear
13. Heather Locklear
Matthew McConaughey
14. Matthew McConaughey
Ozzy Osbourne
15. Ozzie Osbourne
Roman Polanski
16. Roman Polanski
Paul Reubens (Pee Wee Herman)
17. Paul Reubens (Pee Wee Herman)
Axl Rose
18. Axl Rose
Mickey Rourke
19. Mickey Rourke
Frank Sinatra
20. Frank Sinatra
Vince Vaughn
21. Vince Vaughn
Mark Wahlberg
22. Mark Wahlberg
Kanye West
23. Kanye West
24. Yanni

The Crimes

  • a. Abusing his wife
  • b. Abusing her husband
  • c. Indecent exposure
  • d. Lewd conduct (with a prostitute)
  • e. Vandalism, battery, grand theft (smashing a paparazzi’s camera)
  • f. Stabbing a record executive
  • g. Statutory rape
  • h. Drunk driving
  • i. Public indecency, obscenity (for cursing on stage)
  • j. Arson
  • k. Verbal abuse of an airport employee
  • l. Grand larceny
  • m. Doctor shopping (to feed a prescription drug addiction)
  • n. Criminal trespassing (refusing to leave a Walgreens)
  • o. Illegal possession of steroids
  • p. Endangering the welfare of a child (tossing a 15-year-old fan off of a stage)
  • q. Adultery
  • r. Driving under the influence of prescription drugs
  • s. Fighting in public (bar fight)
  • t. Violating noise ordinance (with bongo drums)
  • u. Drunk driving on a Vespa scooter
  • v. Robbery, attempted murder, racially motivated assault
  • w. Public intoxication
  • x. Drug possession, driving without a license, animal cruelty, reckless driving, theft


The Answers:

1. p
2. i
3. x
4. b
5. h
6. d
7. f
8. l
9. n
10. o
11. j
12. m
13. r
14. t
15. w
16. g
17. c
18. k
19. u
20. q
21. s
22. v
23. e
24. a

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