Huge “Hello Kitty” Fan Loves Cute Things, Little Girls

Turns out that you really can judge a book by its cover. Especially that book is a 22-year old pizza parlor employee who wears Hello Kitty garb, loves “cute things” and describes himself as having a 15-year-old girl’s personality.

You see, it’s this torturous 15-year old girl personality residing within the being of Erik Epperson from Indiana that keeps the young man from establishing healthy relationships with girls his age. At least that’s what he told the FBI when he was busted for having traveled to San Diego, CA in order to have sex with a 14-year-old girl.

Not that it’s that big of a secret. On his Facebook page (on which he’s gone by the names “Erik Okuzaki” and “Tomoyo Yamasaki”) he brags about having flown to California “for a Japanese girl.”

“IM just a young dude looking for a good time with good people. I am up to about anything.” Especially if that ‘anything’ involves sexting with a bunch of underage girls in high school. Because that is apparently used his page for the most. Littered with scores of Hello Kitty themed imagery and photos from anime conventions, his pages look like some kind of saccharine online dungeon of pedo-lust just lingering on the periphery of social acceptability.

When interrogated by the Feds, Erik confessed to having sex with at least a dozen other underage females and recording himself having sex with three of them. Oh and he took a picture of a nude girl’s vagina once “because it looked nice.” He also told Feds that he was in the process of applying to join the Navy so that he could ya’know, see the world (read: Japanese girls) and stuff.

The trip to the Navy might just have to wait for Epperson who now faces up to 30 years behind bars. Something tells me that his cell-mate might just end up with the personality of a 22-year old manchild pizza boy from Indiana. What a coincidence.

(Source: TSG)

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