Man Arrested for Repeatedly Flashing Woman Dressed as Lady Liberty

Ah spring. The time when a young man’s fancy turns into habitual and compulsive public masturbation in front of a costumed advertiser. How romantic.

Phonex’s very own Kevin Robert Theriault, 42 (at right), was arrested on three counts of indecent exposure and public sexual indecency after having allegedly masturbated in front of a women dressed as the Statue of Liberty on four separate occasions while she was outside advertising tax preparation services. On Tax Day no less!

Lady Liberty phoned police and after having compiled information on their subject, officers staked out Theriault’s home. From there they proceeded to then follow him to the tax preparation location where he repeated his heinous actions once more in a parking lot “near a busy intersection.”

As police were hauling him off to the pen Theriault could be overheard saying that he “just wanted to go home to do his taxes.”

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