Diaper Fetishist Sentenced

Mark Anthony Richardson II is one of those guys who is so perverted and dedicated to his adult baby/diaper fetish that it almost borders on genius. Sick, sick, shitting in your pants genius. A judge in Oklahoma just finished throwing the book at Richardson for pretending to be autistic in order to convince two different women to allow him into their houses where they would diaper him and feed him like a baby. The fact that he looks like the malformed love-child of Beavis and Joe Dirt only sweetens the pot even further.

Responding to Craigslist ads pretending to be the father of a mentally disabled child named Alex, Richardson sought out caretakers who would be willing to allow him into their homes to feed and diaper him. Arriving as “Alex” with just $40 and a typed note from “dad” – Richardson showed up on the doorstep of his caretaker with soiled diapers and a backpack full of ointment, diapers, a baby bottle and a pacifier.

The caretaker took him in, changed his diapers (!!!), got him clean clothes and even bottle fed him and read him a bedtime story after Richardson proceeded to tantrum, kicking and screaming demanding one. Oh, and Master Richardson was also known to, on occasion, refuse his diapers opting instead to run around the caretaker’s house naked until she caught up to him and forced him to put his diapers on.

Richardson pleaded guilty to seven misdemeanor counts of outraging public decency for each of the seven times his diapers were changed. For those of your following along at home “outraging public decency” is pretty much just Oklahoma court speak for “being f*cking weird as hell.” On top of that, it turns out that while he was “in character” he managed to grope the breast of his caretaker’s 18-year-old daughter while she was asleep. At the time the incident was brushed off and forgotten but now that they realize that he’s not at all mentally handicapped (at least not in any traditional sense) the victims are understandably upset. Because of that, Richardson plead guilty back in June to a felony count of sexual battery for his little wandering hands as well.

This is all only further complicated by the fact that Richardson is still on probation for a 2008 arson charge.

“You’ve got some issues. I understand that. But, at the same time, it’s time for you to grow up,” Oklahoma County District Judge Jerry Bass said.

Richardson told the judge, “I am very sorry and promise to do all that I can to get my life back on track.”

I’d love to know what this guy considers “on track.” Really, I would.

(Source: NewsOK)

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