Online Dating Site Pretty Much Legalizes Prostitution?

Have you ever wished you could finally work up the courage to walk up to an attractive woman, look her in the eyes and say, “Hey, how much?”

Well, now you have the perfect legally gray commoditized online market for doing just that! From the geniuses who brought you the sugar daddy dating site comes a brand new low for the already dubious realm of online dating. Welcome to – a site where females can set a price and have men bid on taking them on a “first date.” Finally a place where the craven caustic and affluent can meet the young shallow and materialistic. Online! See, this is what the future is all about!

The site, which launches officially in mid-April 2011 markets itself to two distinct groups it labels as the “attractives” and the “generous.” The Attractives set up their profile like they would on any other dating site. They list their likes, dislikes, ideal first date, occupation and income level (though none of them seem to want to share that one). Finally they enter in a dollar amount – be it $50 or $150 – expressing exactly how much they would like to be paid for their company. Sounds kinda exactly like whoring, huh? Not so says the site’s creators.

This is all about paying for the FIRST DATE! There is absolutely no sex 
involved, and except perhaps the chance of sex at some point in the 
future if you are able to successfully charm and seduce. But isn't that 
what every first date is about? - Company FAQ

Right? Right?!

ChristyLike most online dating sites it’s genuinely difficult to tell which profiles are real people and which are company created SPAM accounts used to beef up their online presence. However if they are creating fictionalized profiles they aren’t straying too far outside of what you’d typically expect. The men (like Bubba pictured at right… yes I swear to god) are usually in their 30’s or 40’s and claim to be fairly well off – if a bit socially stunted (naturally). The women – like Christy pictured at left – seem to express interest in “Adult Dating – Casual / Intimate Encounter”, “Married Dating / Discreet Affair” or “Mutually Beneficial Arrangements (Sugar Daddy / Sugar Baby)” but all of those definitely seem to imply that a litle bit more is going on here than just a ‘First Date.’

Especially when the site itself offers tips for dating such as “pay 50% of the date at the start of the date, and 50% at the end.”  Though almost none of them say how much they actually make on their own outside of paying older men to date them they for the most part seem to all be either waitresses, actresses or models with some form of college degree and clearly no legitimate job prospects in today’s economy.

Or maybe they do, who knows? Some say that this legitimately a means of efficient dating. Maybe this site really is the perfect place to find love. The kind of love between a beautiful young college grad and the dirty overweight men who pay for the opportunity of buying them dinner. The conversations alone at these dinners must be enthralling.

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