70-Year Old Woman Robs Bank, Doesn’t Give a Damn

Meet Sandra Bathke. She’s a 70-year old Minnesota woman who robbed a bank last December using just a hammer and the best of manners. After serving 35 days in jail she was recently let out with time served on 15 years probation. But what really sets Sandra apart from the other septuagenarian felons out there is that she has absolutely no regrets about her behavior whatsoever. Not that she expects to be a repeat offender anytime soon.

“I never touched the money. I never smelled the money. She put it in my bag and I said ‘thank you’ to her before I turned around and walked out the door.” Bathke says. “I’m sorry for the teller. I’m not sorry for the bank.”
Running low on funds and fearing losing her apartment, Sandra claims that she was being hounded by her landlord’s son, Luke Weimart, for the rent money she quite frankly did not have. So, left with no other options Sandra grabbed a nearby hammer she had been using to hang pictures on her wall and headed out to the bank with Weimart as her unwitting getaway driver.

Telling Weimart that she was going inside to make a withdrawl, Sandra went up to the teller, hammer pressed against her coat pocket and told the teller it was a stick-up. The teller handed over $3700 to Bathke who in turn thanked the teller and walked calmly out of the bank before being stopped a short distance later by security and bank management.

The bank is suing Bathke for $7800 for time and money lost when the bank was forced to close after her holdup. Asked for comment on the litigious bank vice president pressing charges Bathke had the following to say: “He acts like I had done this to him. No, he’s a vice president, it isn’t his bank.” adding, “he’s an arrogant SOB and you can print that!”

Aside from the 15 years of probation, Sandra will also have to serve 200 hours of community service and undergo a psychological evaluation. “Fifteen years seems like a long time to be on probation. But where would I go?”

No word yet on whether or not Sandra plans on ringing in her 85th birthday with another mini-crime spree but authorities will no doubt be on alert.

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