Santa Shows Up and Blows Away Six People (Then Himself) on Christmas Day

It was Christmas morning and the family had all just opened their presents. Someone had brought out trash bags to collect the wrapping paper, shredded in avaricious Yuletide glee and strewn about the Grapevine, TX two-story apartment. Then Santa showed up and killed every single one of them. Including himself. No one would ever leave that living room again. Ho-Ho-Ho.

Police are still refusing to discuss a possible motive for the bloodbath which has now become the Fort Worth suburb’s largest mass-shooting ever. They recovered two handguns and the bodies of three men and four women from inside the apartment.

Lt. Todd Dearing, a spokesman for the Grapevine Police Department said the man police believe to be the shooter was wearing a red Santa Claus suit.

(Source: Wall St Journal)

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